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How to Choose the Right Wedding Resort Abroad

choosing a destination wedding resort

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Deciding to have a destination wedding is a wonderful idea. Not only does it ensure a memorable event for everyone, but it also allows the happy couple to save money, experience less stress, and show their personality and style through an amazing celebration. The key to planning the perfect wedding in paradise begins with discovering the best destination and wedding resort for your needs. Enlisting the help of a Certified Destination Wedding Specialist is a great idea once you’re ready, but even before the most successful destination wedding planners can help, there are some choices and decisions about destination wedding resorts that brides and grooms must make to create the destination wedding of their dreams. Here are some tips to help couples choose their dream destination wedding resort abroad.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Resort Abroad

1. Consider Your Budget

The budget you have set aside for your destination wedding determines the wedding resorts you are able to consider. Be sure to look for wedding package deals, discounted accommodations, and any other perks or special programs available that will help you stay within your budget.

When booking at an all-inclusive destination wedding resort, couples and guests can benefit from the luxury and convenience of paying one price for unlimited dining, drinking, and entertainment. Most resorts are able to offer guests incredible deals and savings if a certain number of rooms are booked within the group contract. Some resorts will even offer a free wedding package, which can include all the basics from ceremony décor to a wedding cake and champagne toast.

We are always offering exclusive deals through our preferred partner hotels and resorts, so be sure to keep up with our current offerings.

2. Create Your Guest List ASAP

 The number of guests you invite will greatly impact your wedding budget. So it is crucial to create your guest list as soon as possible to determine the final number of people you plan to invite. Of those on your initial list, think about who will actually be able to attend. For a smaller guest list (under 25), consider a boutique resort for a more intimate vibe.  For weddings with over 50 guests, couples should choose a destination resort with spacious event venues that can easily accommodate a large group of people. Now is also the time to determine if children will be welcome at the wedding, so you can narrow down a family-friendly vs. adults-only resort venue.

After you have made your wedding guest list, determine the type of activities and amenities your guests will enjoy and consider destination wedding resorts with those perks. A younger crowd could enjoy swim-up bars and nightly entertainment options, while families with kids will look for resorts that offer childcare options and waterparks. If you have a foodie crowd, consider somewhere that features a variety of a la carte restaurants and buffets to choose from. Finding a resort with everything you and your guests want and need is key!

3. Think About Your Dream Vision

Couples should think about where they would like to say their vows when choosing a destination wedding resort. Are you looking for a tropical location that offers an expansive beach? A quiet seaside spot with a decorated pier or gazebo? Or perhaps a special landmark you adore in the wedding destination of your dreams (hello Mayan Ruins of Mexico!)? Finding a resort venue that offers the type of ceremony and reception you envision is easier than you think when you have the help of an expert (like us!).

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4. Consider Your Travel Needs

Travel logistics is a huge consideration when having a destination wedding. It’s important to determine your own needs as well as your guests’ capabilities.  Are short, direct flights preferred? Does everyone have a passport? Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down the right destination and resort that will work for everyone important to you.

5. Consult a Destination Wedding Expert

There are many things to consider when planning any type of wedding, but the logistics and details of wedding resorts abroad make planning a destination wedding a little more taxing. That’s why it makes great sense to enlist the help of a Destination Wedding Specialist for the event. That doesn’t mean you will not be included in the planning of your special day, it just means you get to focus on the fun stuff while they take care of the taxing details for you!

Simply bring them a list of your non-negotiables, and they will get to work easing the decision-making process for you. In addition, allowing a destination wedding expert to assist you in choosing the perfect wedding resort for your special day can alleviate the stress that comes when you don’t actually have the opportunity to visit the venues in person. Their job is to match you with a destination wedding venue that has exactly what you are looking for.

6. Plan a Short Visit to Paradise

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few resorts, you may consider taking an onsite tour and meeting with the wedding planner(s) before making your final decision. Many all-inclusive resorts offer a Preview Package, where brides and grooms to be can visit, stay a few nights and really get the feeling of what it would be like to get married there.

Get as many details as you can about the wedding resort and locations you are considering. Here are some important questions to ask the onsite wedding coordinator:

  • Are there any extra fees I should be aware of?
  • What are the legal ceremony requirements
  • What wedding packages do you offer and what are the costs?
  • What does the guest accommodations look like/come with?
  • Do you offer any honeymoon packages?
  • How much can the wedding packages be customized?
  • How many guests can each venue hold?
  • What is there to do both on and off property for guest entertainment?
  • Do you offer any special discounts for booking early?

The resort you decide to have your destination wedding at is such a big decision. By following these seven steps, your decision will be a breeze to make!

Once you choose your wedding resort, you can really start planning all of the fun things that will go into your wedding day. This means choosing a theme, picking the perfect dress and even booking some fun excursions for the trip!

To Recap

This is how to choose the right wedding resort abroad:

  1. Consider your budget
  2. Create your guest list
  3. Think about your dream vision
  4. Consider your travel needs
  5. Consult a Certified Destination Wedding Expert
  6. Plan a short visit to paradise

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