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What Destination Wedding Excursion is Right For You and Your Guests?

With all the excitement of planning your ceremony and reception, you may have missed a vital detail when it comes to making the most out of your wedding experience: an excursion! Here, we’re helping you narrow down what destination wedding excursion is for you and your group.

destination wedding excursion

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Find your perfect destination wedding excursion

When you think of your overall destination wedding vibe, these words come to mind:

A. Laid back and tranquil

B. Culturally enriching

C. Exciting and adventurous

destination wedding excursion

How would you describe your guest list in a few words?

A. Diverse and multi-generational

B. History buffs who love to learn about new cultures

C. Adrenaline junkies looking to explore

destination wedding excursion

When you think about your destination wedding location, you get excited for the:

A. Sunrise and/or sunsets

B. History and architecture

C. Jungle and wildlife

destination wedding excursion

Which best describes your perfect date with your soon-to-be spouse?

A. Relaxing night watching movies and drinking wine

B. Heading to a museum for the day

C. Anything to get our blood pumping

destination wedding excursion


Mostly A’s

Embark on a relaxing, scenic catamaran cruise

A catamaran cruise is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, especially  for a group of all ages. Most catamaran excursions include some time to snorkel with the sea life, and even offer a few light snacks and beverages on board!

Set Sail

Mostly B’s

Book a walking tour to the nearest historical city

Having a destination wedding means immersing yourself into your locale’s culture and traditions, so why not learn more about the rich history and see some of the unique architecture while you’re there!

Explore Now

Mostly C’s

Strap in for a day filled with zip-lining, ATVing or deep sea diving

So, you have the need for speed? Check out adrenaline-filled excursions such as zip-lining through the jungle or riding through the backcountry on an ATV. Or, the ultra-adventure-seekers will not want to miss repelling down a waterfall!

Take Your Pick

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