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Tips for Taking Wedding Photos on the Beach

beach wedding photo ideas

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Your destination wedding is basically one of the most important photoshoots of your entire life. These wedding photos on the beach will be around for you to look back on forever, so of course, you want them to be spectacular. Not to mention, all of the Instagram likes that those photos could get you right now!

The all-inclusive resort that you are having your destination wedding at is sure to have countless areas that would be the perfect backdrop to your wedding photos, but there is nothing quite as beautiful as the beach.

Whether you are someone who looks for a photo opportunity as often as possible, or the sight of a camera makes you cringe, we have a few tricks to make your wedding photoshoot experience a great one. Follow along for our expert six tips for taking wedding photos on the beach!

1.  Have Fun

beach wedding photo ideas

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You have finally made it to your wedding day! This should be the happiest day of your life, so it is important that each event is zero-stress and super fun.

Your beach photo shoot is such a great opportunity to make some memories. This is where it all starts to begin feeling real, so all of those butterflies in your stomach will be reflected in your smile. You will be surrounded by your love, and wedding party in paradise, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Depending on whether you have chosen to do a first look or not, there should be tons of excitement swirling around. Don’t focus on finding the “perfect picture” because that will come naturally. Just hold your new spouse close, listen to your photographer, and cherish every moment.

2. Shoot at the Best Time

beach wedding photo ideas

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This is specific to your preferences and can be tweaked accordingly. Every couple has a different ambiance that they are trying to capture for their wedding photos, so it is important to pick the perfect time of day that will create that.

If you are looking for something truly romantic, then sunset might be the best time to capture those gorgeous photos. This is especially a good idea if you want to ensure that there are no other beachgoers at this time.

If you want your background to really pop, then the morning or mid-afternoon is a beautiful time as well for photos. Your photographer will work with you to ensure that your lighting isn’t too harsh, and you will benefit from the water really sparkling at this time! This is a great option if you are doing a first look, or just trying to get the photos out of the way, so that way once you say your I dos you can be celebrating.

Golden hour is a personal favorite of ours as it creates a dreamy atmosphere that everyone seems to look like a model in. There is just a certain way that the ocean looks against the sand, and the golden tones that are given off by the sun are so breathtaking. This is a great in-between as it lets you enjoy the sun, and has you free to celebrate by sundown!

3. Tell Your Photographer What You Want

beach wedding photo ideas

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In order to get the wedding photos that you have always envisioned it is beneficial to do some research. With so much inspiration out there, this will be easy to do!

Along with magazine articles, there is also Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and even our own inspiration gallery on the website. The possibilities of finding a few poses you want to re-create are truly endless.

You will be in contact with your photographer throughout the planning process, so once you know what you want, let them know. This will allow them to make a plan for the day that will accomplish everything you want without having to worry about it.

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4. Make a Plan

beach wedding photo ideas

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That brings us to our next point; make a plan ahead of time. This will be insanely helpful and will definitely get all of your bases covered. Again, work with your photographer and even your Certified Destination Wedding Specialist for some excellent insights.

By doing this you will be able to strategically take your wedding photos on the beach in the most efficient way possible. You can make a timeline based on the lighting you are looking for when your ceremony or reception begins, and your first look preferences.

Also, give your photographer a list of what you are looking for. Candids, add them to the list. Detail shots, write them down.

Whichever photo combinations you are looking for, list them out.

For example,

  • Bride (Groom) and Groom (Bride)
  • Couple with Groom’s (Bride’s)/Bride’s (Groom’s) Parents
  • Just the Groom (Bride) with their parents
  • Groom (Bride) with Groomsmen (Bridesmaids)

Have a clear flow so that people can move in and out easily and there is no stone left unturned!

5. Get Candid

beach wedding photo ideas

Love and Sea Photography

While having a plan, and poses that you want to execute are very important, it is the candid photos that are going to make your heart sing over and over again.

Be sure to have your photographer taking photos the whole time so that they can capture those sweet looks of love, spontaneous kisses, and innocent touches.

When the whole wedding party is together, there should be plenty of laughs. Those will be so fun to look back on too!

6. Take a Dive

beach wedding photo ideas

Katya Nova Photography

It seems like it is almost required for couples to have some photos taken in the tropical waters. We have noticed this trend in our destination wedding couples, and it looks so fun and romantic. Running into the ocean fully dressed up seems so freeing and a great way to fully let yourself be in the moment.

These are sure to produce someone of a kind and very unique wedding photos that will always stick out in your mind.

Keep in Mind

No matter what, your wedding photos are going to be beautiful. Just enjoy the moment, smile bright and put your trust into your photographer. Just remember these six tips:

  • Have fun
  • Pick the best time for you
  • Be on the same page with your photographer
  • Be prepared ahead of time
  • Immerse yourself at the moment
  • Don’t be afraid to get wet!

And the photos on the beach are sure to be amazing!

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