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Ask the Experts: Do You Need to Visit Your Wedding Resort Before Committing to It?

If your inherent try before you buy mentality keeps getting in the way of booking your dream destination wedding package, you may want to consider scheduling a pre-visit to your potential wedding resort. But is a brief preview really worth the hassle and expense of planning a separate vacation? As with most destination wedding queries, the answer is a frustrating “it depends.”

Read on for valuable advice from our very own Certified Destination Wedding Specialists, who know exactly which types of couples can benefit from a pre-wedding resort visit, and who can afford to skip this step.

choosing a wedding resort

Preview it if…

You have Type-A personalities

If you or your partner like to have a say in every detail of the wedding planning process, you’ll feel a lot better if you visit the venue in person. This will give you a better sense of what to expect on your big day – and help you plan accordingly.

You can’t visualize the set-up

Pre-wedding visits are especially important for those who can’t see their vision come to life based on photos alone. But if you can’t justify the trip, see if your onsite wedding coordinator can give you a virtual tour of the grounds via Skype.

You’re worried about your guests

If you have a large group, or guests who need special accommodations such as handicap access or daycare facilities, it may set your mind at ease to see these amenities yourself. That way, you can assure them everything is taken care of.

The takeaway:

If you absolutely must visit your wedding resort prior to the big day, we recommend checking with your Specialist to see if there is a special package available. For instance, Karisma Hotels & Resorts offers the Dress Rehearsal Package and AMResorts provides the Love at First Sight visit.

Skip it if…

You’re not into the details

Many couples who opt for a destination celebration do so for the stress-free planning and hands-off approach. Once your vision is in the expert’s hands, there’s no need to be involved in every detail. If you trust your planners, skip the preview.

You want the element of surprise

One Specialist notes by booking a preview visit to the wedding resort, you’re missing out on the allure of experiencing everything for the first time on the real big day! This can be an ultimate spoiler for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

You’d rather splurge on other things

When budgeting for your destination wedding, it’s crucial to prioritize which items and most important to you. If you’re cutting it close on something you’ve always dreamed about, it might be worth skipping the preview visit to accommodate elsewhere.

The takeaway:

If you’ve decided against an in-person visit, there are still plenty of ways to visualize your celebration from start to finish. Beyond sharing images and Skype calls with your resort coordinator, be sure to look for real wedding photos and videos to get a true sense of what your day could look like.

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