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How to Write Your Own Unforgettable Wedding Vows

Even for a wordsy wordsmith, the idea of crafting your own wedding vows can seem like an intimidating task. While you might never win an Oscar for your speech at the altar, these helpful hints will get the creative juices flowing and jump start the smiles, tears and cheers (hey, that rhymed!)

Writing your own destination wedding vows.

Writing your own destination wedding vows.

How to Write Your Own Destination Wedding Vows

Know Your Audience.

Do a mental scan of the crowd. You want to envision your fiance foremost, but it can be helpful to remember that your parents, future in-laws and boss might be listening in. Keeping it PG-13 will ensure that your guests savor the highlights. Oh, and feel free to mention whatever else you love about them on the honeymoon!

Be Concise.

Chances are, if you’re having a destination wedding, you’re exchanging vows somewhere sunny and tropical (and perhaps with added tequila involved). While you shouldn’t shy away from serious and sentimental thoughts, this probably isn’t the time to write the next Odyssey. Limit your dedication to around two minutes (about a page of writing).

Tell a Story.

Start by thumbing through old mementos, photos or even journals that you’ve kept throughout your relationship. Was there a specific moment that stands out as the start of something important? If so, let it be your starting point. Bonus points if you can tie it into whatever humorous, poignant path it leads you down.

Be Specific.

Everyone thinks their spouse is ‘amazing’ and ‘the love of their life,’ but these descriptions likely don’t do your relationship justice. Do you love when they give away the punchline of the joke, or do the laundry because you can’t gold a top sheet? Sometimes, the subjtle moments in our day-to-day lives are the most relatable – and heartfelt!

Ask for Help.

Friends and family often have unexpected perspectives of why you work as a couple. Maybe you’re known to cheer the loudest at tailgate parties or throw the most epic dinner parties. Ask your guests for their favorite memory with you on your wedding invitation RSVP card. You’ll be amazed at the common threads and ample inspiration that flood in!

Be Sincere.

This one’s important. You want to sound polished and thoughtful, but still like you. Even if you nearly flunked 8th grade English and can’t think of the perfect synonym for ‘beautiful,’ that’s okay. The less you try to meet expectations, the easier it becomes to express what really matters to the person standing across the aisle from you.

Don’t Forget the Microphone!

The crashing waves and cool island breeze add instance ambiance, but they also can be quite noisy! Requesting a mic for your vows will help ensure that your guests who have traveled so far for this moment will be able to enjoy it along with you.

Need more inspiration on writing your own wedding vows? Click here to watch our happy couple Erika & Frank recite their personal and heartfelt vows!

And, to get started with planning your own dream destination wedding, contact us today!

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