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Married in Paradise: 8 Tropical Wedding Destinations You’ll Love

You desire nothing more than to tie the knot in paradise. The good and bad news: paradise takes many forms, making it difficult and potentially overwhelming to choose the perfect setting for your nuptials. Lucky for you, we’ve outlined not only the world’s most beautiful beach wedding destinations but also tips for planning your tropical wedding from start to finish!

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Stunning Tropical Wedding Locations Around the World

Sunny weather and awe-inspiring beaches make the following destinations among the world’s best for tropical weddings:


Cancun has long set the standard for all-inclusive resort venues and beachfront destination wedding settings. There, you’ll find not only stunning scenery and a vibrant nightlife for you and your guests to enjoy, but also a huge variety of resorts and venues. No matter your preferred aesthetic or budget, you can easily find a Cancun wedding resort that offers everything you demand in a tropical wedding destination.


Situated off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and near Playa del Carmen, the secluded island of Cozumel offers a more intimate take on the destination wedding experience. You’ll enjoy magnificent beaches similar to those you’d find in Cancun, but with a distinctively serene environment. This destination caters to outdoorsy couples, who love the endless array of natural wedding backdrops, of course, but also the many scuba diving locations and opportunities for observing sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins.


Forget about pre-wedding stress; in Jamaica, you’ll enjoy a more laid-back approach to life. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, Jamaica offers the perfect scenery for a beach-based wedding. You’ll also find an ideal blend of serenity and celebration; during the day, you can relax on the beach and soak in the sun, but at night, the island comes alive with dance parties and other festivities. Wedding guests of all ages will find something to relate to when celebrating your nuptials on the island of all right!


The stunning blue waters of Aruba are world-renowned, but they are by no means the only reason for getting married on this magnificent island. The island’s weather is notoriously sunny and stable, so you’re guaranteed perfect conditions no matter what time of year you tie the knot. While many couples wed on stunning expanses of beach, others opt for gazebos, terraces, or even romantic bridges for smaller elopements. The fun continues after ‘I do,’ with brides, grooms, and guests making the most of the island’s notorious hospitality and cheerful culture.

Dominican Republic

As the Caribbean’s most-visited island nation, the Dominican Republic attracts its fair share of destination brides and grooms. Picture-perfect weather makes this beautiful destination an easy choice for a relaxed beach wedding. The beaches are the central attraction, of course, but the Dominican Republic also boasts a thriving nightlife and a variety of water-based recreational opportunities. The nation’s all-inclusive resorts are among the most welcoming and luxurious — and over the years, they’ve gotten wedding planning down to a science.

Turks and Caicos

Soft sand with the slightest hint of pink makes for a picturesque backdrop and ample relaxation opportunities in Turks and Caicos. This island nation may not be as popular as other Caribbean destinations, but therein lies its appeal. There’s no need to worry about crowds or competition; your wedding can be as intimate and romantic as you desire. Turks and Caicos wedding venues are invariably beautiful, with most featuring views of clear blue water and swaying palm trees.

St. Lucia

Embrace a magical, mystical take on the destination wedding experience in St. Lucia. This unique island offers a dramatic version of Caribbean scenery, complete with jagged peaks, lush rainforests, and black sand beaches. In addition to capturing these elements in your natural wedding backdrop, you can explore them up close; top destinations include the famed Gros and Petit Pitons, as well as the world’s only drive-through volcano. Whether you crave adventure or merely desire a dramatic look for your tropical wedding, you’ll appreciate the unique vibes and scenery only available in St. Lucia.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas have long been a top Caribbean getaway for families and couples alike — and that’s not about to change. These gorgeous islands boast the white sand beaches you’d expect to find, along with jaw-dropping pink sand beaches and one of the world’s largest reefs to explore. Trade winds and sunny skies keep the weather welcoming for those who prefer to spend the majority of their getaway outside. As you plan your nuptials, you’ll be impressed by the array of Bahamas wedding venues available; each island and resort offers its own romantic ambience.

Tropical Wedding Inspirations and Considerations

Narrowing down the long list of tropical destinations can be challenging. Not sure where to start? Keep these factors in mind as you select your dream tropical wedding destination:

Choosing a Date

Climate and budget may join forces to determine when and where you book your wedding. By booking during high season, you can minimize the chances of rain on your big day. The off-season, however, delivers enticing discounts. Keep in mind not only the weather and cost, but also your guests’ availability; work and school may conspire to limit your scheduling choices.

Style Preferences

Take a close look at both the scenery and the style of decor at your preferred wedding resort venue. Colonial styles abound, but some resorts pay homage to local customs. Others go bold with pyramids, domes, and other grand structures that stand out from afar.

While many couples focus on architecture when making their final selection, interior style is just as important — especially if you intend to throw a welcome dinner or a pre-wedding bachelorette party at your resort of choice. Do you prefer ornate, historic styles, or modern minimalism? No matter your preferred aesthetic, you’re sure to find the perfect spot that checks all the boxes.

Other Venue Considerations

Style and weather are just two of the numerous factors worth taking into account. Additional considerations include the following:

  • Do you desire a private beach wedding? While many resorts offer beach nuptials, not all are as private or intimate as you may imagine.
  • Will there be any families on your guest list? Several top resorts are kid-friendly, but others cultivate an adults-only experience.
  • Do you intend to observe any specific religious or regional traditions? At some resorts, you’ll find Catholic chapels or even Mayan ceremonies performed onsite.

Choosing a Dress

Tropical brides often do away with traditional gowns, which can be heavy and uncomfortable in humid regions, not to mention unwieldy on the beach! If, however, you intend to share your vows in a chapel, in a ballroom, or on a beautiful terrace, a formal dress could work. Keep in mind that transporting traditional wedding dresses can prove to be tricky; you’ll want to travel first-class or book an extra seat to ensure your gown has plenty of breathing room.

No matter your chosen style, consider these tips when getting ready to travel with your wedding dress!

Tropical Decor Inspiration

With so many decor options available at so many different resorts, how are you supposed to determine what is right for your big day? When in doubt, consider a look that is in keeping with the natural surroundings of your locale. For this reason, many couples prefer simple, tropical decor. Bouquets and centerpieces, for example, may trade roses for orchids or even birds of paradise. Palm leaves can play into a variety of details, including aisle runners, centerpieces, or arches.

Options abound for throwing a tropical destination wedding. Whether you prefer intimate nuptials on the beach or a huge party for all of your friends and family members, your dream wedding is well within reach at one of these postcard-worthy destinations.

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