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Mexico Destination Wedding: An Absolute Dream Come True

By Guest Blogger Feb 17, 2012 9:47:00 AM

This is a guest post from past bride Erin Pruitt. She and Michael tied the knot in January 2012 and were kind enough to share their destination wedding story and photos with us. Enjoy!

My name is Erin; I am from Texas. My husband’s name is Michael and he is from Alabama. Since our families were so far apart and we knew someone would have to travel, we decided on a destination wedding so that we would all travel to one fabulous place! I saw DestinationWeddings.com in one of my brides’ magazines and calling them was the best thing I ever did.

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Unless you travel out of the country to that location where you are positive you want to get married, you are like most of us who have no clue where to start! DW asked me what general area I was interested in (beach, winery, country, etc.) and set me up with a specialist who had expertise in that area.

We had a few resorts to compare and Michael and I picked out the one we thought was best for us and our guests, the Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Michael and I chose not to visit the resort ahead of time and have the surprise of it be part of the experience! Once it came time to have guests sign up to join us, they constantly told me how easy it was to take care of everything online and how helpful our specialist was. She was outstanding!

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After we chose the resort, I was directed to a wedding coordinator. She helped me with every detail you can imagine, from the flowers I carried to the hair and makeup appointments to the reception. They covered EVERYTHING I could want. I cannot say how helpful this was for me. It was so simple to sit down with Michael and pick out our decorations, food, photographer, music. They made it a very enjoyable experience and I would never do it any other way!

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The time finally came to get everybody down to Mexico! Michael and I went from a Tuesday to Tuesday (we got married on Saturday). We piled into the airplane with me carrying my wedding dress. I didn't care what anyone thought, I was getting married. Actually people guessed what is was and were very excited for us.

We finally got to the resort and to say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The resort was BEAUTIFUL from the elegant lobby to the endless greenery and flowers we saw outside. A few steps further and you were at the gorgeous beach. The rooms were so cool and original. There were pools, bars, and restaurants everywhere you turned! We had a different meal each time and all were delicious. The resort was such a great size for our group. There were things for the kids to do as well as adults only areas. We were all spread out but still ran into each other and stopped for a cocktail when and if we wanted to. Each night, we all met up and celebrated the fabulous place we were at. Finally, the staff was amazing! Anything you wanted they were happy to help. I still miss walking out the door and saying 'Hola,' to everyone I passed.

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At last, Saturday had come. I was so nervous, excited, and everything else you are on the morning of your wedding day. We went up to the spa to get hair and makeup done (PS I would recommend a hair and makeup preview with the spa if you are on the fence. It eased my mind a lot!) All the girls trickled in to get done up. I went back to my room, got dressed, took pictures, tried not to cry and waited for the coordinator to come take me to my wedding. 

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When I finally made it to the aisle it was absolutely amazing. I felt beautiful, everyone was having a great time (including the onlookers that watched us the entire ceremony), and I was walking down the aisle to finally marry Michael.

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After the ceremony we went to the cocktail hour. The family took formal pictures on the beach and then Michael and I snuck off to take bride and groom pictures. For me, there is nothing more important than pictures of these memories we make. I wanted every second captured and I got my wish. I ended up with over 1,000 photos of my wedding day and they are stunning!

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After the cocktail hour we went up to the Zocalo Al Fresco terrace for the reception. Our reception was an absolute blast! The food was amazing (which wasn't surprising!) and the music was exactly what Michael and I asked for. We were up dancing the entire time! At the end of the night, one of the bars just happened to be doing karaoke (which I am known for in my college days!) I capped off the night with my rendition of Black Velvet in my wedding dress and was smiling ear to ear.

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I feel like I could go on forever (which I have) and still not express how amazing our wedding in Mexico was. It exceeded our expectations; we have the best memories of the entire week. Everything was perfect, beautiful, and most importantly SO MUCH FUN!! As I said before, I would never take back the decision to do a destination wedding; I would recommend it to anyone that may be considering it.

Thank you DestinationWeddings.com, Azul Sensatori, Rene and Amanda for making Michael and my wedding experience an absolute dream come true!

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